Major NPCs

Tootu Anga
Oong Bak’s mother, ex-dancer, fiancée of Kass Tani

Kass Tani
Famed diplomat/ambassador during the Clone Wars known for persuading Duros to counterbalance the Neimodians

Bal Grainer
Rodian bookie and contact of Garos

Tolovo Nathu
Bal Grainer’s private nurse under suspicion. Clone of Ekafti.

Calo Zythor
Mentioned as the leader of The Brotherhood.

Foxdi Zess
A Mandalorian woman warrior. Bodyguard of Tolovo Nathu.

Tethys Acomar
Princess of Chandrila. Clone of Ekafti.

Servant droid of Princess Tethys.

Yellow-scaled Ssi-Ruuk scientist. Sent to rescue blue-scale clones or “Perfect Children of His Potency the Shreeftut”.

An Arcona encountered in the Terminus restaurant on the Grand Pelgar.

Cutter Torsin
A white-haired gunman encountered in the Terminus restaurant on the Grand Pelgar.

Syal Obdris
A famed Gotal beast hunter encountered on the Grand Pelgar. He is traveling to Kammia for a commission.

Juris Keel
Bakuran weapons designer, specializing in ion technology. Motivated by the “droid menace”.

Coab Nev’ra
Verpine engineer providing funds for a lab on Bakura for Juris Keel.

Adaha Tila
Beautiful Zeltron fortune seeker, scavenging derelicts and archaeological sites. Has info on Sanctuary Route to Chiss (uncharted hyperspace lane)

Jarik Tai
Bakuran recruiter looking for scouts to join the Brotherhood.

Moross Sapan
Wealthy Krevaaki scholar, and apparently a heretic. Studying the religious retreat on Cattamascar and its association with non-Jedi Force traditions. Specialist on Chatos Academy and Followers of Palawa.

Commander Thorn
CC-648, better known as Thorn. Holding a Separatist training center on Gymelo, surrounded by commando droid patrols. Waiting for extraction.

25,000 Years Ago
Sar Agorn – Jedi Consular and Master whose lasting contribution to the Jedi Order were his personal holocrons
Ataru, Djem So, Makashi, Shien, Shii-Cho, Soresu– legendary Jedi council members
Endolana , Aliza, Dal-Vha, Khatyen, Tomi, Miru – their respective daughters

Bakuran Ruling Class
Inif Cundertol – Current Zanazi Hierophant, resides on Cattamascar in monastery with Kurtzen monks
Grina Arden – President (Titular Head of State)
Yavela (Govia) Drensen – Prime Minister (Political Head of State)
Orn Belden – Senior Senator (represents Bakur RepulsorCorp)
Eppie (Antruse) Belden – Orn Belden’s wife
Roviden Belden – Son of Orn and Eppie Belden
Dol Captison – a senator
Marga (Cundertol) Captison – Dol Captison’s wife
Yeorg Captison – a senator, Dol Captison’s brother
Tiree (Istuvi) Captison – Yeorg Captison’s wife
Rennt Govia –a senator, twin brother of Yavela Drensen

Major NPCs

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